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Important Health Care payment Information

Did you know.......
     You may be able to pay for your therapy appointment using your Flex-Spending/ Health Savings account (FSA/HSA plan)

Therapeutic massage is accepted as a medical service by many health insurance plans. FSA/HSA credit/debit cards

might now be used to pay for your sessions.

Our merchant account (Credit card processor), typically accepts/processes your FSA/HSA cards without question.

We do recommend you ensure coverage will be accepted by.....

1.  Check with your HR department to find out what steps/hoops you will have to do.

     -----RX from Dr stating the reason/need for therapeutic massage, Diagnosis codes for your condition. etc...

            We can provide you with an RX specifically to us if needed. This can make your Dr.s office very happy.

2.  We provide a customized receipt--upon request--at check out. We provide the CPT (therapy codes), Therapist    
       Lic #, name, address and ALL that you/they will need.

I promise to serve my clients confidentially, professionally, and proudly within a therapeutic atmosphere.
I promise to listen to the needs of my clients and assist them in creating life-long, customized health choices through stretches, and body work.
Massage is Not an indulgence, but a necessity in today's hectic world. I offer a healing atmosphere and quality body work all helping to facilitate in restoring your essential energies, and your sense of well-being
Massage has roots in both Eastern and Western cultures. Massage is a natural, drug-free way to manage stress, promote health and to reduce fatigue and pain of injury.
Massage is a scientific, systematic and
skillful application of touch and
manipulation of the soft tissues of the body
back soreness and pain
chair massage
hand scrub
shoulder massage
back massage