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Sleeping Issues?

Are you having SLEEP issues?

Here are some suggestions that might help improve your sleep.

-Adhere to a regular schedule of going to bed and getting up at the same time every day. This will help regulate your brain and body to a schedule, in turn helping build a good sleep pattern.

 -Be consistent about naps; either take one every day or not at all. People who nap sporadically usually find they do not sleep well that night. This again is about the patterns you are creating.

-Avoid caffeinated drinks or stimulants past mid-afternoon. Caffine is a stimulant and might be contributing to your sleep issues. Be aware of other items that contain caffine, such as: chocolate.

-Avoid alcohol beyond dinner. Instead of promoting sleep, a nightcap disturbs sleep patterns and can cause early morning awakenings.

-Sleeping pills should be used judiciously and not longer than four weeks. Prolonged use will only increase insomnia.  There are many on the market, they seem to work differently per person , so find the right one for you.

-Don't eat a substantial meal before retiring, and don't go to bed hungry. Being to full or having a noisy belly can contribute to not sleeping.

-Don't engage in strenuous activity before bedtime. Try to exercise in the morning, early afternoon or early evening. This will get the endorphins flowing, causing sleep issues.

-Relax before going to bed. Take a warm bath, listen to soothing music, avoid stressful thoughts. Light reading can be calming, but avoid bright lights.




-Do not watch TV before bed, as the Blue light affects your eyes/brain and sleep patterns.


-If your brain does not slow down and getting to sleep is an issue..have a notebook next to your bed..write down the things that come to your brain--this way you do not have to focus on remembering/memorizing your thoughts till morning.

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