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Is PAIN stopping you from enjoying special moments?

Are you experiencing pain?


Did you know....Muscle tissue is the largest organ in the body, very misunderstood by most professionals. Soft tissue (muscles) are also a huge target for wear and tear from our daily lives and activities.


--What about Physical Therapy (PT), Chiropractors(chiro), Other Specialists:

Most doctors focus on major ailments, bones, joints, bursae, nerves, and know very little about muscles and soft tissues.  Understandable to a point knowing their education. Issues like diabetes, heart disease, and cancer can be very life threatening compared to generalized, even specific pain when no immediate reason is apparent.

PT and Chiro are typically pre-occupied with joint function, exercises, and range of motion (ROM). They have their specialties, purpose and help many people feel better and recover fully.  Why use only modality at a time is my question.


Massage Therapist (LMT):

We focus on soft tissues which include muscles. Our training is vary wide ad covers the basics. It takes research on your part to find an LMT who will meet your specific needs. Medical massage or Treatment massage are newer terms. Pain, relaxation....Many LMTs learn beyond initial schooling. If you are in Pain, trigger points may be the cause and you need a massage specialist.

Trigger points (TP)...

TPs were a mystery for many years. In the 40s when Dr. Travel and Simons studied TPs further. They mapped them out per muscle with referred pain. 

TPs can have strange referral patterns, unexplained pain or tenderness which makes aches and pain harder to treat and diagnose by many professionals, IE: doctors. So what actual is a Trigger Point you ask? Per wikapedia= "are described as hyper irritable spots in the fascia surrounding skeletal muscle. They are associated with palpable nodules in taut bands of muscle fibers...the concept of trigger points provides a framework which may be used to help address certain musculoskeletal pain."

Pain related to a dsicrete, irritable point is skeletal muscle or fascia not caused by acute local trauma, inflammation, degeneration, neoplasm or infection.  TP can often be found with chronic pain disorders.  They can result in decreased ROM, and manifest as..tension headache, TMJ, sciatic pain and so much more.

Pain from TP can be very frustrating, and persistent for many years. TPs have strange behaviors and many times missed diagnosed and confused with many other problems.

TPs can occur in several ways:

->  Repetitive overuse injuries, IE: typing gardening, chores,etc..

->  Constant heavy loads, IE: lifting, carrying, etc..

->  Posture, IE: habitually poor posture, etc.

->  Clenching from mental/emotional stress

->  Injuries, strains, sprains, breaks, twists accidents

->  Inactivity, IE: prolonged sitting, bed rest, or standing.


by: deborah Housley


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