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  How many moments do you want to miss or be unable to participate in due to PAIN?
Pain and your Thoughts-they work together
 Your thoughts can help pain get better or worse. Be careful what you think and wish.

Welcome to Stress Waived-Pain Reducing Massage Therapy
Learn more about Deborah, Massage Therapist as Stress Waived.

Pain and Treatment Massage

Massage therapy techniques help with many aches, pains and more. At Stress Waived your massage therapist uses many massage techniques during the treatment session and usually gives you "homework" to encourage the work being done like stretching, heat and/or ice, and deep tissue-done right.

A Simple Hello


I promise to serve my clients confidentially, professionally, and proudly within a therapeutic atmosphere.
I promise to listen to the needs of my clients and assist them in creating life-long, customized health choices through stretches, and body work.
Massage is Not an indulgence, but a necessity in today's hectic world. I offer a healing atmosphere and quality body work all helping to facilitate in restoring your essential energies, and your sense of well-being
Massage has roots in both Eastern and Western cultures. Massage is a natural, drug-free way to manage stress, promote health and to reduce fatigue and pain of injury.
Massage is a scientific, systematic and
skillful application of touch and
manipulation of the soft tissues of the bod

We are located at 862 Minot Ave, Auburn, Maine 04210
Ample/Excellent parking-Free, Easily accessible
I look forward  to working with you to ADD LIFE to your health.