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Hello and welcome from Deborah Housley,

Stress Waived is located at 862 Minot ave in Auburn, Maine and provides pain relief, high quality, professional and personalized massage therapy. We are a one person massage therapist establishment where you will always see the same body worker so your treatment massage sessions have consistency and follow up to them. 

  It is nice to meet you, my name is Deborah, a licensed Massage Therapist and owner of Stress Waived massage therapy. I have been  licensed since 1990 graduating from Seattle Massage School, Washington state.  This translates to my being an experienced massage therapist, working on many ailments, injuries, and people gaining knowledge with each session. Deborah is always learn more about her profession learning skills and health to help your pain relief.
I love helping people and have since I was child helping all the little animals and kids in the area. This caring and compassion for people is why I chose and love being a massage therapist, body worker, hands on healer.

I learned massage therapy while I was over in Seattle, WA in the Air Force Reserves.  After graduating I wanted to enhance my studies and help other students learn so I became a student teacher for Seattle Massage School and Bellevue Massage School where I soon became an instructor. This reinforced my knowledge so that it is now internalized.

While in Seattle I worked  for a Physical Therapy office providing massage sessions in conjunction with the physical therapist to help our patients recover and maintain their health and wellness.  I worked with a variety of injuries such as: whiplash, muscle strains, back injuries from car accidents, leg injuries from sports issues and so much more.  I believe this background amplifies my massage ability to help people relieve stress and get well.  It is very fulfilling to see people get better and become active again enjoying life.

I enjoy traveling and sharing the places I have been such as: Las Vegas, Grand Canyon, San Fransico, San Diego, Hawaii, England, and many other places. I learn something everywhere I go. People and places are fascinating.  I love photoagraphy so most of the pictures you see on my site and in the therapy room I have taken.  The outdoors can be very adventurous and a wonderful teacher in so many ways, especially pointing out what we are capable of.  I listen to audio books when in the car keeping my mind engaged and active to stay young end educated.

Moved back to Maine in 1995 to be close to family again and the 4 seasons.  I went to Univ of New England for my Dental Hygiene degree where I learned more about the body, inflammation, biology, and more all helping my massage career, which in turns helps you (the patient).

My mission is reduce stress, aches/pain while increasing health and wellness in my patients and community.  Every massage session is individually tailored to your needs that day along with each visit. We create a treatment plan during your initial appointment to meet your body health goals.

I would love to work with you to maintain or improve your well-being, reduce stress and the way you and your body relate as you go through life.

ADD Life
Deborah Housley, LMT, B.S.
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We are located in the office of Dr. Paul Morin, Chiropractic, 862 Minot Ave, Auburn, Maine 04210
Ample/Excellent parking-Free, Easily accessible
I look forward  to working with you to ADD LIFE to your health.