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Deep Tissue (should ever NEVER be painful)

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Deep Tissue should NEVER be painful


3 Types of experienced pain during a Deep Tissue (DT) Session


A)     “ Hurts So Good”

This feeling is similar to the gym after 5 years of nothing=> The way Deep Tissue should feel. An Experienced/Skilled LMT (Licensed Massage Therapist) can do this.


IE: Imagine touching your fingers through to the middle without popping balloon.


2)                  “Releasing Pain”

As pressure is applied to 1 spot/area the feeling starts at Hurts so Good through breaths and focused relaxation your muscle tissues will ‘melt’.  A skilled LMT continues to apply pressure while working deeper, following the muscle as it is releasing (fingers getting closer to touching in the middle through the balloon). This means you only feeling the "Hurts so good" the entire time.


Releasing Pain is a major part of your recovery/healing journey. This is where most of your sessions will take place when correcting a painful issue/condition.


*Critical*  Releasing pain should ALWAYS end at Hurts so good pain. Once that classic spot has been found your skilled LMT will hold it as it ‘melts’ (down to Hurts so Good). If NOT held or worked through, you may feel annoyed, incomplete, and almost tormented. This doesn’t happen at Stress Waived-Pain Reducers clinic. If you feel this way with your current LMT- find a different one-quit wasting your time and money.


B)                 Agonizing Pain

When at this level you either run away, or get help. If this happens during a session- you absolutely speak up so your LMT knows where your level of comfort/pain rests.  If your LMT does not listen to you and respond/lets up then once again you need to find a new LMT.  At this point tissues are breaking—similar to the balloon popping if you move to fast. You know you are experiencing this pain if you are holding your breath, gritting your teeth, swearing at your LMT.


A significant complaint/reason people see us at Stress Waived-Pain Reducers is because other LMT’s don’t know when to reduce pressure, read/listen to your body, and/or respond correctly to your verbal ques. A secondary reason many patients choose Stress Waived is many LMTs work to deep, to fast. Thirdly an LMT applies pressure on bones/nerves= OUCH, YIKES ! ! !


Here at Stress waived-Pain reducers we respect the body, respond accordingly, and pain relief/reduction/elimination is our focus and job.


Save yourself from current and future pain, along with money.  

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