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Pain-mind over matter ?? How much control do you have over your pain?

PAIN-where does it come from and why?

A different way to look at pain.

How much control do you have over your pain?


Many of us learn and think from traditional teachings. Pain is one of those teachings. WE learn at very young ages to ‘tune’ pain out. I see people saying to their kids “ shake it off, oh that cant hurt that bad, there is no crying in baseball”.  We learn so very young to decrease or turn off how we perceive the early signs of problems, IE: soreness, minor aches, etc.  Pain is the bodies LAST defense/reminder that there is a problem. Before pain, our body send many signals that it is not      functioning at it’s peak.  Most people do not even recognize these signs. Now don’t beat your self up if this is you…there is hope. You can start paying attention TODAY to those minor signs/symptoms.


There is another ‘thought’ about pain.  I am re-listening to a book by Louise Hay-the power is within you…chock full of great in. The old premise—what we think we manifest.  This includes pain.  Many people ‘stuff’ our feelings-meaning we do not deal with them. Some ignore feelings, some were not taught how to express feelings, sometimes it was unsafe to express feelings, and many others.


The basic idea is that when we do not express/deal with our feelings-they have to go somewhere—that is usually into the body.  If you have a chronic pain-it is suggested you have unresolved emotional feelings.  Many of these are from our past ..childhood or certain years during our life.  I highly recommend reading this book (or listening as I do when in my car), this is life changing when we deal with our feelings/emotions and thoughts.  People are naturally negative so being positive is work on a daily basis ..but SO worth it if you want a happy and healthy life. Thought go through our minds regularly ..be aware of them and what they are creating in your life is a first step.


I am sure you have heard of affirmations ..have you realized that every thought you think is actually an affirmation?  I had not recognized this myself until recently.  So my question to you is—What are you thinking daily? Do they lead you to a good day/life? Do you deal with your thoughts/emotions or stuff them?



If you have pain-you might take a look at what emotions/feelings you are or have been avoiding?







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