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Tick Bites and other creepy crawly bugs

Ticks are out worse than ever this year-so everyone I talk to says, and I have to agree. I got my first bite this year since I was a child.
These critters just creep me right out.  I saw my doctor and am now on meds, ideally preventing lyme disease.  If you get bitten-do not hesitate to see your doctor- lyme disease is nothing to mess around with. do run, don't walk to your doctor. The sooner you get treated to better you/kids/family/etc.. are.
My doctor said her kids get ticks playing ball on the ball fields..So check yourself after being outside. They are not just in the woods anymore.

Someday they will have a vaccine or meds like frontline for people--I am hoping.  For now a simple and easy way to help reduce the population in your yard is....

DE=Diatomaceous Earth. It is crushed up sea shells. We bought our 50 lb bag at paris farmers union, and I would bet any gardening/farming center would carry it.

Sprinkle it around your foundation and all over your yard. Using a seed spreader of something like that makes this easier.

The sea shells " CUT" the creepy critters outer shell and they die. SO ANY bug type with a hard shell.
IE: fleas, ants, spiders, ticks, etc...

Good luck this season and stay protected and safe.


written by: deborah housley
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tick bites can be harmful and

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