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The Purple Pod

This is the Ultimate Home Pain reducer.
The tension of the item provides just the right amount of passive pressure to help reduce pain as the muscles 'relax' and elongate over the pod.
Instructions are provided on how to properly use and get the most out of the pod for maximum pain reduction.

Double Pod

purple pod-double

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CBD Ointment

CBD clinic profession topical medications. they have done their research, as I have done mine, and created ointments, creams and oils that truly help reduce pain in muscles and joints, by increasing blood flow and
interrupting the pain signals.  They have a unique
combination of natural ingredients including hemp extract,
which the bodies absorbs quicker and deeper than many other products.

This is a topical application so has its limits. I have personally tried these products and had wonderful relied and results. It has depended on the area, severity of pain and injury, as to the results I felt.

I do recommend having any injury/aches/pain/etc, treated with more than just topical ointments. Such as treatment massage, chiro, PT, acupuncture and doctor recommendations. You can schedule your first treatment pain relieving massage session including assessment of the area: BOOK NOW on line or
call 207-619-3273 to reserve your spot today.

You can purchase your items at an appointment session.

We sell and use 'CBD products.

I have many patients that love it, during treatment sessions because they say it reduces the soreness they sometimes feel after the deep muscle work, and relief can last longer.

I have others who buy it to use at home. Reducing pain enabling sleep to occur better and through the night. Others use it during the day to help reduce aches while at work.

Remember to ask about it during your next session here at Stress Waived-Pain reducing massage.

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