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Kineso Taping

Kinesology Tape, better known as kineso tape or KT is another "tool" we use to help reduce pain and correct muscle issues.
KT I think is best described as like an elastic duct tape. It has elasticity and has great adhesion as it is to stay on for 5-7 days ideally.
Basics of how it works. When applied because of the stretch it lifts the skin creating space between the tissue layers. (space that is suppose to be there naturally, however when muscles get tight and stop their regular movement, the tissues get stuck together. Kind of like gluing construction paper together as a kid).
This space allows for regular blood flow, which is impeded with thigh muscles.  The KT helps separate the tissues giving more movement to each tissue layer separately, increasing the limited blood flow which assists in reduction of swelling. As all this occurs pain is reduced, motion is restored, and life gets better again.

It contains no medications, or topical agents

This site helps explain in further details- click here

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