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Maintenance Massage

What is it……?

Why do I need it……?
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“ I thought we were talking about health and my body maintenance?”


Maintenance is not just for a car!

Although, our bodies are very similar to vehicles in many ways.  If we take care of it (the car and body), it will take care of you…ideally for a verrrrrry long time.  Noticing the little issues—getting them taken care of reduces potential for major pain and expense.


Maintenance massage is a part of that equation.  Once you start taking care of your body and are feeling pain free and better you want to help your body stay there.  Our daily activities, job and stress all add up.  An issue:  Tension is a muscle that reoccurs every day, X 30 days  in a month=OUCH!!!!


A massage 1-2 X a month minimum, will help you stay more pain free and able to enjoy life activities and those special moments with ease.


I recommend scheduling your monthly massage out 3-6 months, committing to yourself, schedule around this telling your brain it is important and healthy. You will feel better and be happier.



We at Stress waived, offer a membership we call Dolphins pool alliance. Our alliance helps you commit on paper, when you schedule, and gives you a reward with a decreased price. All this for you, helping yourself.


Looking forward to seeing you soon. Book your treatment massage today and get rid of those nasty aches and pains.  Remember, pain is the last sign that something is wrong before your body does something major to get your attention. Living with pain is not normal, we can help with that.

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