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We are about helping you get your PAIN under control and ideally eliminated.

A full-body massage can be a waste of your money: sadly that is exactly what typically happens at most other facilities in the L/A area.


This is NOT a Day-spa, nor do we do the typical deep tissue.

If you are in PAIN, ache, or just constantly uncomfortable, you NEED to see us. Constant pain is NOT normal to have or experience on a regular basis. It is your body’s way of telling you “something is not right/wrong deal with me now”. Usually if you do no listen and respond in a way that helps decrease and find out why/where the pain is coming from, it will get worse, possibly put you in the hospital, can create disease, all the body’s way of getting you to stop, pay attention and do something to help it.


Stress Waived is the only massage clinic in the L/A area that specializes solely in pain relief.  We will find the cause of your soft tissue pain issues and help to decrease and ideally eliminate it all together-with you help and cooperation of course.  We work together in office and out with suggested “homework”.

We look forward to showing you the difference and helping you improve your situation.


therapist deborah housleyDeborah Housley

In 2008 Stress Waived was opened with a goal to help people feel better and improve their lives. We now focus on reducing/eliminating people’s pain.

Deborah graduated massage school in 1990 over in Seattle Washington. She moved back to Maine (her home) in 1995 after gaining valuable experience working in a Physical Therapist office providing treatment massage along with assisting physical therapists, and doctor of osteopathy (DO) helping patients relieve pain, and get back to living health, happy productive lives.


Deborah educates her patients every session helping them recover, heal


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Having pain is a sign of trouble
Living with pain is NOT normal

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