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Treatment Massage in the Greater L/A (Lewiston/Auburn) Area

Unlike conventional massage therapy, we at Stress Waived attack the pain cycle using a 3-step system.


First, we assess the area through touch and motion, noting the tender areas, explore the width and depth of the area affected/involved. Next, we break down the chronic knots using progressive techniques. Finally, we stretch and move the affected areas to restore mobility, increase the length of the muscles and begin lasting pain relief.

Assess through
Touch and Motion
touch and motion, movement

muscle knots cause pain, stress
                              waived helps reduce knots and pain

Chronic Knots and
Progressive Techniques
Stretch to restore
mobility and get lasting
stretching restores movement

How do your muscles cause PAIN?

Imagine not brushing your teeth or going to the dentist for 20 years.  Plaque builds up ad eventually calcifies forming a solid form containing thousands of bacteria. If left untreated, this hardening process will lead to periodontal disease, tooth loss, jaw pain and more.

A similar process occurs in the muscles. Your muscles are the power houses of the body. When they contract, the muscles produce toxin waste products, just like the plaque in the mouth. The body views the toxins as foreign irritants.  The great news is when you contract and relax muscles through full range of motion, massage treatment, and more the blood vessels in the area are able to carry away the harmful toxins and clean the muscle fibers.  The bad news is that most of us are not using our muscles through full range of motion.  In many daily movements you are contracting muscles in a stationary position for extended lengths of time. (IE: sitting, bending, carrying, basic daily tasks).  Keeping your body in a single position for a long time is horrible and not what muscles are designed to do.  When you remain stationary or have very little movement these toxins build up within the muscle and start to congeal and solidify, restricting free movement, where more fibers start to stick together.  When this occurs the blood is unable to get through the contracted muscle fibers therefore making the area unable to clean out these toxic by products from the contractions.  The toxins now build up in this immovable muscle fiber becoming stagnant and sticky (like gum).  Over time, your brain sends messages to hard the area, turning these toxins and tissues into calcified tissue. (kind of like on your teeth). This is a protective response to prevent further injury and mask the pain from the toxic build up. This eventually is referred to as a “knot”.

normal muscle-no pain
Tissues look healthy
acute muscle-severe pain
Tissue is swollen
Tissues and vessels hardening

As you know, knots hurt and are hard to get rid of.  Knots make the use of the muscle less efficient.  Your body will naturally appoint adjacent muscles to help out and complete tasks they were not fully designed to do, all to help out the encumbered knotted muscle. (like in tug of war were everyone has to work harder when one person falls out.)  Now the overload of toxins starts in these supportive muscles spreading the restriction and solidifying of muscle tissues. This is known as a strain pattern. This pattern can be localized and/or spread pain to distant areas of the body.  (IE: headaches created from neck tension, arm pain caused from shoulder restrictions and so on).


Many times ‘strain’ patterns can be observed in our posture and movements. Examples of what can happen if these patterns go untreated IE: curved shoulders, hunched back. 

How can we Help you?

Similarly to a dental hygienist who uses instruments to pull the calcified plaque off your teeth, we use our progressive techniques, hand/elbows, ice cubes, and sometime gentle tools to break up the hardened tissue within the muscles.  The result loosens the fibers allowing the blood to flow freely again into the muscle tissues where it flushes out the toxins, cleansing from the inside out, encouraging the natural working of your body.  Fresh nutrients are transported to your muscles and the solidified tissue is restored back to a healthy status.  You will regain and experience a greater range of motion and less pain.


Be aware this process ordinarily takes more than one treatment as we need to re-train your brain to realize the muscle is better, no pain created. We also have to teach the muscle itself that is able to move fully again. Remember, due to the pain and restriction your muscle has been going through it now needs to learn, better said-re-learn what it is capable of doing.  Think of it as taking 2 steps forward and 1 step back. Each treatment we make progress, the muscle and brain is re-learning “normal” again.  Unfortunately, the body learns much slower that we would like, and we still have to move and function each day.

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